San Diego


What began as an idea for fun in 2016 has now turned into a software company based out of San Diego with local veterans and residents working on the development of a new sharing economy platform.

LendIt aims to shift the mentality of traditional consumption for general items that don’t see much use, but still have a high demand; like action cameras, camping equipment, tools, and even text books for students.

The average US household has over 300,000 items, many of which don’t get used regularly, now these items can be shared with others that would need them, while still giving value back to the owner.

Users simply download the app, enter their account information so that you can get paid for transactions, then start posting items you don’t use. You can also search in your area or by keyword to see what items are available in your neighborhood before you go out and buy them.

Follow us on social media and keep an eye out for our street teams in the summer!

Available for download on Apple and Android, LendIt.

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    Stop buying the things you want but don't need. Monetize your belongings and post them up on LendIt. Download LendIt now and see whats in your community! Why sell it when you can LendIt!